Congratulations to me! Today I learnt that the School of Social Sciences has very kindly decided to fund  an exploratory project to investigate what I’m calling social innovation finance ecologies. Building on previous research exploring the organisational conditions for social innovations in cities ( specifically faith-based social innovation), this project seeks to understand how  finance ecologies impact on the diffusion of social innovation in complex cities. The project will begin in London but hopefully become comparative (when funders realise just how groundbreaking the research is), with London and Mumbai as focal points.

I’ll say more about complex cities in future posts, together with related issues, but I’ll just sketch out a few animating questions here:

1) How do finance ecologies influence the pace and scale of diffusion social innovation  in London?

2) What are the most popular/emerging funding tools for social innovation in London?

3) Who are the key institutions/actors in social innovation finance?

4) How do different actors assess social impact, and does this influence the scope for social innovation investment?

5) Is social innovation finance weighted at particular points in the innovation cycle?

6)How do finance ecologies intersect with organisational ecologies to enable the diffusion of social innovation?

I’ve probably neglected a hundred pertinent questions,  so feel free to post them in the comments section or email me or @pathik10.




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