Mumbai (Bombay) Gateway of India
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I leave for Bombay in nine hours, and I have butterflies in my stomach. Not because I’m reuniting with a former lover or because I’m excited to see family or friends who I haven’t seen for a while. I’m nervous and excited because I’ll be reunited with a city which exerts a fathomless hold on my very soul. Bombay  (it will never be Mumbai to me)  is in many ways everything suburban England is not: chaotic, corrupt, frenetic and inexhaustible. The almost inexplicable truth is that I miss the place more than I miss the people.

While I’m there (less than 3 weeks)  I’ll be following the Indian Against Corruption movement, and where it goes from here after Anna Hazare’s decision to end his fast in Bombay and cancel the Jail Bharo campaign. I’ll also be exploring Bombay as a “social innovation city” by conducting preliminary research into the financial, civic and governance infrastructure for social innovation.

I’m not banking on regular internet access, but I’ll do my best to keep up with as many blogposts as I can. Happy New Year!

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