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I don’t want a bullshit job: Why millenials are drawn to social entrepreneurship

  It pains and amuses me a bit when I realise that of everything I’ve ever written the most read article was this piece in The Conversation about 18 months … Continue reading

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We did it! Reflecting on the inaugural Southampton Social Entrepreneurship Showcase

And breathe. Then crash. The feeling is universal when you’ve just pulled off an event, but a bit more acute when you’re a diabetic who skipped his lunchtime medication because … Continue reading

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The end of invisibility (or: why it’s time to stand up)

  There is a sequence in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man where the protagonist is repeatedly chastised by Brother Jack, leader of pseudo-Marxist organisation the Brotherhood, for inflaming what is termed “Negro … Continue reading

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Why I’m supporting the Race Equality Charter

  It might seem a bit like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic to speak about the kinds of campaigns I’m supporting this year given the wider, perhaps cataclysmic challenges facing … Continue reading

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UKISEEN: the next episode

I’ve wanted to get a Dr Dre reference into a blogpost for about a decade, and there I’ve gone and done it. Booya! If someone had told me five years ago, … Continue reading

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The challenge of preparing students for Brexit Britain

Last week we received our 2016-2017 student cohort and the cliche of students getting younger every year held steadfastly true. More than anything else,though, it struck that these would be our … Continue reading

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3 lessons from Spark India 2016: badges, growth mindsets and wolves

It’s unsurprising that the things we fight hardest for mean the most to us. For four years I harboured the dream of bringing students to Mumbai to learn from the … Continue reading

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