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The end of invisibility (or: why it’s time to stand up)

  There is a sequence in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man where the protagonist is repeatedly chastised by Brother Jack, leader of pseudo-Marxist organisation the Brotherhood, for inflaming what is termed “Negro … Continue reading

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Why I’m supporting the Race Equality Charter

  It might seem a bit like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic to speak about the kinds of campaigns I’m supporting this year given the wider, perhaps cataclysmic challenges facing … Continue reading

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UKISEEN: the next episode

I’ve wanted to get a Dr Dre reference into a blogpost for about a decade, and there I’ve gone and done it. Booya! If someone had told me five years ago, … Continue reading

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The challenge of preparing students for Brexit Britain

Last week we received our 2016-2017 student cohort and the cliche of students getting younger every year held steadfastly true. More than anything else,though, it struck that these would be our … Continue reading

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3 lessons from Spark India 2016: badges, growth mindsets and wolves

It’s unsurprising that the things we fight hardest for mean the most to us. For four years I harboured the dream of bringing students to Mumbai to learn from the … Continue reading

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Universities and Brexit: a test of our resilience & values

I’m fortunate enough to live close enough to my university to cycle there.  Come Monday, the first day I was at work after the referendum, I found myself racing through the streets … Continue reading

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Taking our country back – to the 1980s

Let’s not mince words. Thursday’s vote was both cataclysmic and catastrophic for the UK. Paul Krugman doesn’ think the economic fallout will be as bad as some fear, but the political … Continue reading

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